Canada Ranks 2nd In Best Countries List For Third Straight Year

US News released their annual Best Countries Rankings for 2018 and Canada ranked 2nd overall in a list of 80 countries for the third consecutive year. 

The overall list was compiled by identifying how well countries scored in different categories such as adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, power, quality of life and more. The scores came from surveying upwards of 21,000 people worldwide while also weighing other factors. You can check out the full methodology HERE.

On the overall list, Canada ranked above Germany (3), United Kingdom (4), United States (8) and ranked only behind Switzerland, who took the top spot. 


Canada scored highly in Citizenship (4), Entrepreneurship (7), Open for Business (7) and Quality of Life (1) but were brought down by their rankings in Power (12), Adventure (18), Heritage (40) and Movers (32). 

Some important notes from Canada's results: 

  • Canada ranked 12th in power, behind the United States, China, Russia, Britain, Germany, Israel and more. As a nation, a low score in military strength, leadership in the world and political influence left Canada in the middle of the pack. 
  • Canada was first in Quality of Life, scoring high in every sub-category with the exception of affordability

  • In additional categories, Canada ranked highly in Countries for Green Living, Countries for Raising Kids, Countries for Women, Countries for Comfortable Retirement, Countries to Headquarter a Corporation and Most Transparent Countries. 
  • Canada ranked third in education, citing its free system and the students' high scores in an international assessment program. 
  • Canada's 40th ranking in Heritage was attributed to low scores in cultural attractions, rich history and great food. Clearly, the survey subjects never tried poutine. 

Check out all of Canada's rankings and scores HERE

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